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Keywords: TEAPOT
Downloads: 30
[audio]Little Teapot
Little Teapot
Keywords: Little Teapot
Downloads: 34
test, film in teapot
Keywords: test; teapot
Downloads: 140
sax, horn, bass
Keywords: free improv; berlin; teapot
Downloads: 9
[texts]TEA OR COFFEE POT - United States Patent 600,139
The OCR that Google Patents originates has been edited to make this patent full-text-searchable and easy to read. There are 3 formats available: .pdf (original), .txt (clean text), and .brf (braille file). .brf is a file format used by the blind. See the "all files HTTP" link to access all three. During the editing process, a diligent attempt has been made to correctly discern every reference character set forth in the patent, and the majority by far are correct...
Keywords: teapot; coffee pot; patent
Downloads: 82
[movies]The Great Teapot
Analise Avalon brings her families’ heirloom silver teapot only to discover it may have had a bigger impact on their family history than originally thought.
Keywords: comedy; antique america; von trapp; teapot
Downloads: 2
[audio]FGS Wolfe Caught 9 26 2013
Wolfe explains the importance of confidence when you get caught.
Keywords: FGS fresh ground stories true caught teapot
Downloads: 8
[texts]MANGA: Alladin And The Magic Teapot Chapter 3
MANGA: Alladin And The Magic Teapot Chapter 3
Keywords: anp; kogetsu; sakura; allapin; founp; ahv; pumpep; pont; aoi; teapot
Downloads: 21
[texts]MANGA: Alladin And The Magic Teapot Chapter 4
MANGA: Alladin And The Magic Teapot Chapter 4
Keywords: alladin; woulp; kogetsu; genie; cah; pip; teapot; lower; akira; wrn
Downloads: 32
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4031: Little Teapot - Funny or Die
Revenge of the little teapot! From NYC sketch comedy group Elephant Larry.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Elephant Larry; Little teapot; short; sketch comedy; stout
Downloads: 4
[texts]Guide to putting on grassroots event
Guide to putting on grassroots event
Keywords: food; site; kitchen; neighbourhoods; camp; kitchens; burners; neighbourhood; climate; cooking; central kitchen; climate camp; hot water; site office; anarchist teapot; neighbourhood kitchens; transport collective; food store; teapot guide; gas set
Downloads: 10
[texts]Effective Organizing: event-recipe-book
Effective Organizing: event-recipe-book
Keywords: site; food; kitchen; camp; neighbourhoods; kitchens; water; climate; burners; tat; climate camp; central kitchen; hot water; site office; anarchist teapot; neighbourhood kitchens; food store; teapot guide; food hygiene; urban convergence
Downloads: 20
[texts]Guide to putting on grassroots event
Guide to putting on grassroots event
Keywords: food; site; kitchen; neighbourhoods; camp; kitchens; burners; neighbourhood; climate; cooking; climate camp; central kitchen; hot water; site office; anarchist teapot; neighbourhood kitchens; transport collective; food store; teapot guide; gas set
Downloads: 24
[movies]Operation TEAPOT Military Effects Studies - AFSWP
Operation TEAPOT consisted of 14 nuclear tests detonated from February 18 to May 15, 1955. The goal of the series was to test nuclear devices for possible inclusion in the nuclear weapons stockpile; improve military tactics, equipment and training; and study civil defense requirements. With Operation TEAPOT, the Atomic Energy Commission intensified its technical effort for "clean" or reduced fallout weapons and missile warheads...
Keywords: Operation Teapot; Teapot; Desert Rock; atomic; nuclear; Cold War; atomic testing; nuclear testing; 1955; military; Nevada Proving Ground; Nevada Test Site; national defense; Department of Defense; Department of Energy; radiation; radioactivity; fallout; radioactive; thermonuclear test; thermonuclear
Downloads: 96,744 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio]YIP_Podcast_Episode_38 - YIP Podcast
We've got a lot of variety going on in this week's show! The YIP Crew welcome Nikki to the program, and talk about her brand new troupe membership and dancing at SCA events. We also have a special interview with Mahin of the Daily Dance Quickies and - holy cow! - it's the return of Shimmy Cove!!!
Keywords: tribal muses; mahin; daily dance quickies; bellydance; belly dance; solace; the belly whisperer; tempest's teapot; tribe.net
Downloads: 577
[audio]Unanswered 1: Opinions - Steev Bishop & Nicolas Papaconstantinou
In the debut episode, we tackle the slippery subject of opinions in a rip-roaring display of low self-awareness as if Unanswered is in any way qualified to define what opinions are and who gets permission to express them. Marvel at our abuse of science and religion. Gasp as we wrangle Godwinâs Law. Restrain the urge to faint as we decide who is responsible for policing all of this thinking. Also learn how we like our tea...
Keywords: unanswered podcast; unanswered; podcast; steevbishop; nixsight; opinions; ronnie corbett; godwin's law; mike godwin; alan turing; cerne abbas; cerne abbas giant; tea; teapot; philosophy; amateur philosophy
Downloads: 109
[movies]Military effects studies on Operaton Teapot (restored colours) - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory; MichiForna88
I tried to restore the original colors of the Operation Teapot film by removing most of the red hue with Avidemux. Of course, this is far from being any kind of professional job - indeed there are portions of the film that now have a fain green/blue hue, unfortunatly. However, still better than nothing... By the way, it seems that from 1955 at Lookout Mountain laboratory someone decided to put some kind of laquer (which turned reddish in the years) on the prints of the films to protect them from...
Keywords: Operation Teapot; restored colors; cold war; nuclear weapon; atomic bomb; 1955; atomic energy commission; department of energy; DoE; department of defense; DoD; nuclear war
Downloads: 260
[movies]Federal Civil Defense Administration: "Let's Face It" - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory
"Civil Defense, based on the assumption that a nuclear attack from the former Soviet Union was imminent, ranked high on the list of U.S. priorities in the 1960âs. The Federal Civil Defense Administration was in charge of this Cold War activity. A key point emphasized in the video is that for citizens to survive a nuclear attack, they must be prepared. This meant they must know the locations of approved Civil Defense shelters or have their own shelter at their home, or both...
Keywords: Civil Defense; nuclear war; nuclear weapon; cold war; atomic bomb; nuclear test; nevada test site; nevada proving ground; teapot; buster-jangle; 1950s
Downloads: 1,522
[image]Teapot stand

Keywords: Europe; ca. 1758–69; England; Stands; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Porcelain; British, Chelsea; United Kingdom; Faience; Teapot stands; London; Clay; Teapots; Soft paste porcelain; Ceramics; Chelsea; Soft-paste porcelain; Furniture
Downloads: 26
[audio]ArtChatPodcast 052 - Steve Harlow, Jim "Jimmy The Peach" Aaron
Participants: Steve Harlow, Jim "Jimmy The Peach" Aaron. Recorded: October 15, 2012 Fifty two episodes of a weekly show, means it's the one year anniversary of this podcast. Steve promises a highlight reel for next week and observes that there was much good conversation during the past year. Steve explains how he likes the podcast to be "good company". Interesting conversation among artists about Art and Art practice issues in the creation, distribution, and promotion...
Keywords: Google Plus; Twitter; Facebook; Cable; TV; newspapers; wearable computing; Google Glass; The Brass Teapot; Ramaa Mosely; Dick Whyte; Haiku News; Al Jazeera; curating; video conferencing; Google Glass; Painters; Rubens; Raphael; Frank Gehry; 3D printers
Downloads: 70
[image]Teapot stand

Keywords: Pottery; Europe; British, Staffordshire; England; Stands; ca. 1750–60; Lead-glazed earthenware; Glaze; Staffordshire; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Ceramic glaze; Teapot stands; United Kingdom; Teapots; Lead glaze; Ceramics; Earthenware; Furniture
Downloads: 31
[image]Teapot stand

Keywords: Pottery; Europe; British, Staffordshire; England; Stands; ca. 1740–50; Salt glaze; Glaze; Staffordshire; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Ceramic glaze; Salt-glazed stoneware; Teapot stands; United Kingdom; Teapots; Stoneware; Ceramics; Furniture
Downloads: 28
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1960-10
R&D Report 1960-10 : The range of colours excited by a two-colour reproduction system. W.N. Sproson Some experiments are described in which two-colour and three-colour reproductions of the same scene are compared. Optical projection of the separation positives was used in the main but a description of a colour television demonstration is also given. The accuracy of a two-colour process is assessed on the basis of the colour names given to specified areas of the colour reproduction in the two-col...
Keywords: colour; colours; green; brown; separation; identical; blue; namings; brown brown; observers; grey light; colour patch; green green; colour patches; colour television; light green; green separation; separation positive; teapot slide
Downloads: 26
[image]Teapot stand

Keywords: Pottery; Europe; ca. 1745; England; Stands; British, Staffordshire; Lead-glazed earthenware; Glaze; Staffordshire; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Ceramic glaze; Teapot stands; United Kingdom; Teapots; Lead glaze; Ceramics; Earthenware; Furniture
Downloads: 23
[audio]All Slovak Guitar Heroes In The House Vol.1 - stroboskop
Finally we put together the first episode of our series All Slovak Guitar Heroes In The House Vol. 1. This process was long, but the outcome is at least interesting. What is it all about? We asked Slovak guitarists to give us some recordings of their guitar virtuosity. We sent every guitar sample to two producers of electronic music, which finished sounds of guitars into final track. From each guitar sample were created two tracks and you may compare which of the producers did better track...
Keywords: Dope Aviators; DNC; Minimal; Techno; Electro; Breakbeat; House; Veneer; Moustache; Vidiek; Ventil RG; Hugo D Gen; Isobutane; Vrava; Sani; Slovakian Music; Rock; Punk; The Ills; Plastic Swans; Stroboskop; Radio FM; Teapot; Lubo Tomko; Karaoke tundra; Future Sound Of Petrzalka
Downloads: 417
[audio]Artchatpodcast 073 - Steve Harlow, Emory Holmes II, Ruth Parson, Jim "Jimmy the Peach" Aaron, Mary Burns, Allan Ludwig,
Recorded: March 11, 2013 - Fragile and Difficult Participants: Steve Harlow, Jim "Jimmy The Peach" Aaron, Ruth Parson, Allan Ludwig, Emory Holmes II, Mary Burns. Emory's on a mission. He's sleeping in his office until he completes his novel. He's simultaneously shifting his diet and exercise. At the end of this process, he's hoping to have a new self and a new novel. Peach says he understands that creating anything is cathartic...
Keywords: Art, artchat, NoLita, Pacoima, Arlita, Little Italy, Black Hand Society, Umberto's Clam House, Crazy Joe Gallo, Cheech and Chong, Bitter End, Mulberry & Hester, Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, Posterous, Blogger, 1918VAPTU, The Unimaginable, ferrie = differentieel, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Schell, Undisputed Truth, Mike Tyson, Cus D'Amato, Spike Lee, Kiki Tyson, rape, Zerlina Maxwell, Dangerous Dayz, Proust, Homer, Nietsche, Helen of Troy, Iliad, Ramaa Mosely, The Brass Teapot, Llyn Foulkes, Ed Kienholtz, Ed Ruscha, Billy Al Bengston, Ferus Gallery, Francis Coppola, crossroads; Artchats
Downloads: 79
[audio]Sci-Fried Eggs Episode #45 - 5 Minute Delay Radio/Bathurst Productions
Sci-Fried Eggs Episode #45 This week the Sci-Fried Eggs broadcast from the Bathurst Manor Bakery. The Eggs talk about the return of the television show Heroes. Then the Eggs share thoughts on the new Wonder Woman costume concept for Batman vs. Superman. The Eggs give you some hidden gems on Netflix. There is more awesome stuff being done with spider silk. And the Eggs discuss some new technologies that are a lot closer to reality! Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 45, Segment 1 Heroes Returns to Televisio...
Keywords: 1; 5; @scifriedeggs; amazing; america; and; awesome; batdoc; bathurst; bbc; best; bless; blog; brass; busters; car; cards; carolina; carolinas; charlotte; cher; chuck; comic; comics; con; concept; convention; cosplay; costume; delay; doc; Ecto; ecto-1; ectomobile; eggs; ever; everything; facebook; fb; fi; five; frank; fried; gastonia; gems; ghost; Ghostbusters; ghostbusting; god; guests; heroes; hidden; hill; house; interviews; manor; minute; movie; movies; nc; netflix; network; new; north; of; on; one; original; paranormal; podcast; podcasting; princess; radio; returns; robot; rock; sc; sci; sci-fried; show; silk; south; spider; teapot; tech; technologies; technology; television; trilogy; tv; twitter; van; vehicle; warrior; woman; wonder; worst; xena
Downloads: 8
[audio][May 20 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: When Speaking To The Cuban Community John McCain Apparently Thinks It's Too Hard To Find A 'Good Time' At The Waterfront - On Cuba, US Neo-Colonialism, And Our Continuing War On It's Culture And People - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and congress is going to leave the nation safer by taking a long vacation after possibly getting SOMETHING useful done. A Senate brokered bill to bailout homeowners is in the works which overall favors the lenders. Diane Feinstein and "Wide Stance" Larry Craig (of Minnesota airport bathroom fame) are sponsoring a worker amnesty program (including favorable treatment for shepherds and goatherds.....
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; 2008 Elections; Abuse Of Authority; Bush War; BushCo; BushWar; Cherokee; Child Abuse; Child Protective Services; Child Rearing; Children; Childrens Rights; Communal Farming; Congress; Contaminated Oil; Cuba; Cultural Assimilation; Diane Feinstein; Diplomacy; Endless War; Fact-finding Mission; Fannie Mae; Fascism; FLDS; FLDS children; Freddie Mac; Gestapo; Goatherd; Homeowner Bailout; Immigration; Immigration Reform; Iraq; Iraq Government; Iraq War; John McCain; Kiddie Porn; Larry Craig; Looting; Mafia; Middle East; Military Appropriations Bill; Military Spending; Moral Turpitude; Mormon; Mortgage Bailout; Mortgage Crisis; Nancy Pelosi; Neo-Colonialism; New World Police State; Oil Prices; Oil Reserves; PCBs; Peak Oil; Police State; President Bush; Religion; Scrap Oil; Shepherd; Strategic Oil Reserve; Supreme Court; Teapot Dome; Texas; Texas FLDS; Texass; US Military; US Treasury; War On Iraq; War Pigs; Warmonger; Warren Harding; Worker Amnesty Program
Downloads: 177
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